Verify Your Employment History Instantly and Securely Using Konfir

Speed up your employment referencing process by using Konfir. With Konfir, you can instantly verify your employment dates and other employment attributes with just a few clicks.

  • ☔Reliable: Konfir uses direct open banking, payroll and HMRC data access to verify your employment history in real time, which is the most accurate and reliable way to do it.

  •  🔕Convenient: The process is instant,  and your previous employers are not contacted.

  • 🔒 Secure: Your personal information is always protected with the highest security standards.

  • 🏅Empowering: You can control who has access to your employment history and what information they can see.

🤔 If you've been asked to use Konfir, please follow the link we sent you via SMS & Email

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Who are we? 

Konfir is a platform that enables you to share your verified employment history quickly, conveniently, and with your consent. By leveraging our Open Banking and Payroll and HMRC system integrations, you can share your verified employment information in a few clicks.

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Why use Konfir?



Less than Five minute to complete



Previous employer not contacted



Expedite the onboarding process



100% GDPR compliant

How It Works-1

92% of candidates finish their verification within one day


We're here to help

What is Konfir?

Konfir is a third-party verification service that works with background checkers and employers. We enable you to securely share your single-use employment data with your explicit consent.

How do I know the process is secure?

Konfir is fully hosted by AWS, which benefits from world-class network and infrastructure security. Unlike the traditional approach to verifying through email, Konfir users have complete control over who has access to their information. We're  a certified ASP under the UK DIATF, ISO 27001 certified, and 100% GDPR compliant

Who will see my data?

Only the organisation that requested your information will be able to see data from Konfir. 

Is it free?

Konfir is 100% free of charge for candidates.

Will my employer be notified?

No. Your employer will not be notified.

Who can use Konfir?

Any UK based employee can use Konfir.

How is my data accessed?

Konfir uses proprietary banking, payroll and HMRC integrations, allowing you to instantly share your data. We never access any of your personal information without your prior consent.

What data is shared?

Typically this will include income transactions  from your bank account, and employment related information (such as your dates of employment and start date) from your payroll and HMRC account. No spending data will be returned. 

The exact data points will depend on what checks are required by your prospective employer. If data isn’t needed, we won’t ask you to provide it.

Does it impact my credit score?

Using Konfir will not impact your credit score. We do not receive data from, send data to, or otherwise interact with any credit referencing agencies to keep your information as secure as possible.

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