Take the headache out of inbound employment references

Eliminate HR distractions and focus on value-adding work


Easily & safely respond to references

Employers of all sizes are often asked to verify employment information of current or past employees.

While some checks can be verified through other means, often prospective employers will require the employment verification to come directly from previous employers.

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How it works

Review requests 

References are received from employers and screening companies

Respond to requests 

Your HR team responds to requests in the Konfir Konsole 

Send responses

Verified employment information is sent to the candidate's new employer 


Big benefits for employers, all free of charge

Automate responses

to inbound references through our HRIS platform integrations

Strengthen security

of your organisation's and your employees' data

Speed up response times

for outbound employment references

Centralise tracking

of all inbound employment referencing 

Ensure compliance

with legislation and internal policies

Save time & money

with our free-of-charge reference response platform


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Employers providing employment verifications: standard or subjective

See how much time you save with Konfir

300 Employees

300 hours/year

500 Employees

750 hours/year

1000+ Employees

Over 1500 hours/year