Hire and onboard faster with instant employment verifications

Instantly verify employment and gaps in employment                for any UK based worker


The only all-in-one employment verification platform in the UK

Incorporating instant employment verification into background checks mitigates candidate risk, saves time, and reduces cost. 

Konfir leverages Open Banking, Payroll, and HR integrations to maximise employee coverage and minimise turnaround time for every request. 

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Our instant verification services


Current Employment 

Instantly verify current employment without the need to notify the candidate’s employer


 Gap in Employment

Instantly validate extended employment gaps to support BS7858 & BPSS checks

Historical Employment time-back

Instantly verify historical employment without relying on manual responses


Benefits for employers

Onboard faster

Over 25% of verifications are completed in less than 5 minutes, and 50% in less than 2 hours

Lower costs

New verifications can be requested in less than 1 minute so your team can focus on more valuable work

Secure by design

100% GDPR compliant. Konfir achieves and maintains the highest levels of security standards

Reduce error and fraud

By going straight to the source, your team and candidates deal with less manual documents

What our customers say

"This is a valuable addition to supporting our clients with compliant and fast onboarding. Never is this more important than in the current and challenging recruitment landscape

"60% of employers believe that referencing is the slowest part of the hiring process. Since starting with Konfir - we’ve seen a reduction in the time taken to complete a verification, allowing us to deploy assets elsewhere in our business."


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How can data help us solve the problem?

Learn about how Konfir is combining disparate data sources to digitise employment referencing


Flexible pricing options



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Case Study

Powering Digital Careers with Reed Screening

Through our work with Reed Screening, we reduced turn around time, improved return rate, and removed the need for cross-checks.


Do you have any questions?

How does Konfir work?

Employers can use Konfir to verify the employment details of candidates. Once a verification is submitted, candidates are notfied via SMS to consent and sync their data sources. The data is then pulled, verified, and surfaced to employers in their account. 

How long does the process take?

Setting up an account takes 5 minutes, while sending a verification takes 1 minute, and verifications are processed instantly upon candidate approval.

Is Konfir safe to use?

Konfir is fully hosted on AWS, which benefits from world-class network and infrastructure security. Unlike the traditional approach to verifying through email, Konfir users have complete control over who has access to their information. Konfir is GDPR compliant, ICO registered, and on track to being ISO 27001 certified in Q2 of this year. 

How does Konfir charge?

We charge when an activity is 'connected'. This means that Konfir has successfully accessed a data source from Payroll or Open Banking for the period in question.

More info here: www.konfir.com/what-is-an-activity/